» Beauty electric adjustment bed MMY06

» Beauty electric adjustment bed MMY06

Beauty, body, health, massage

1, high comfort: the sponge selection of the sponge sponge pad is very particular, soft sponge will make people sleepy. After precision testing and customer experience, it is made of luxurious 8 cm thick and moderately fire-resistant flame retardant sponge, which makes you feel comfortable. Never sloppy sewing work. Customer's happiness - the highlight of where the details of the product can be found.
2, strong and strong: After a rigorous pressure test, to ensure a reliable, affordable static pressure up to 200 kg or more, the use of materials to ensure that the product has been used for several years, and will never shake, you can use it with confidence.
Material: The leather is PVC artificial leather, the pure sponge is covered with wood, and the bottom is hydraulic oil pump and electroplated chassis.


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