» Heated electric massage table MMB21

» Heated electric massage table MMB21

Technical Parameters:
Rated voltage: AC220V ~ 50Hz
 Rated power: 100-500W
 Executive standard: GB4706.10-2008
 Gross weight: 63KG
Volume 0.53m3
Dimensions after stretching: 2M long, 0.7M wide, 0.55M high
New synchronous voice 3D stereo warm massage bed
6 round jade ball design on the back. Heating and rolling, carbon fiber board heating. Leg heating vibration therapy design:
1. The massage wheel adopts the massage head made of all natural shale jade stone, and according to the curve movement of the back cervical vertebra, with the synchronized voice prompt music, bring you a new health care experience.
2. The massage bed adopts six sets of jade massage head + aluminum alloy track + jade wheel lifting, which can perform physical therapy massage on the back of the human body. The average temperature can reach 40-70 degrees, and the adjustable leg can be used with tourmaline stone plus
Heat can promote blood circulation in the legs!
3. Adopt all-aluminum alloy track, let the jade wheel slowly move up and down according to the back spine and set the hot moxibustion, and cooperate with the following carbon fiber plate infrared heating and leg heating and health care to give the whole body health care treatment.
4. The controller adopts super simple design and is suitable for the elderly. It is equipped with 8 manual massage modes and 1 automatic mode, and the massage intensity can be adjusted at will. One button fully automatic work. (Automatic reset, default mode 1, temperature 55 degrees, the system automatically saves the last use setting, convenient for next use) The temperature of the four parts of the product can be adjusted from 40-70 degrees (Jade wheel, carbon fiber heating, small physiotherapy, large Physiotherapy), massage time adjustment for 90 minutes (default 40 minutes).
5. Configuration size 2 external physiotherapy. 5 balls and 15 balls. There is a separate switch, you can turn off energy saving when not in use.
6. Equipped with a subwoofer stereo, comes with a memory card, free to download favorite music on the computer.
7. The installation is super simple, the bed frame is put together, and four rose bolts. The bed body does not need to be installed, and the cable can be used. Please read carefully and familiarize yourself with the operation before use.


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