» Jade health massage bed MMB26

» Jade health massage bed MMB26


The back 3D nine sets of top jade wheels, a set of neck massage jade wheels and a jade cap. It is heated using 11 halogen lamps and the temperature is adjustable between 30 ° C and 70 ° C. The massage head massages the human spine under the control of the massage program. The warm massage jade wheel can promote blood circulation, relieve pain and dispel your day's fatigue.

The leg consists of four groups of eight air bags, shiatsu massage, can achieve the effect of the legs to relieve leg pain, and two sets of hand-held devices, a group of fifteen balls, a group of five balls, can go to the effect of warm physiotherapy, With music playback, with electric lift, can be raised and lowered, can be reclining against the massage
Technical Parameters:
       Rated voltage: AC220V ~ 50Hz
       Rated power: 210W
       Executive standard: GB4706.10-2008
       Package dimensions:
       Bed: 125*66.5*31.5 cm Gross weight: 50Kg Net weight: 46Kg
       Bed frame: 105*67.5*22.5cm Gross weight: 42Kg Net weight: 38Kg
      Volume 0.56m3
Assembled size: 2M long, 0.7M wide, 0.55M high
Product size: 2M*0.7M*0.55M

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