» Massage foot chair MMF13

» Massage foot chair MMF13

Material: leather
Applicable occasions: sauna / foot bath club
Applicable people: adults
Style: single
Frame: metal skeleton
Internal filler: high density sponge

Foot massage chair function description:
1, the backrest walking mechanism can automatically adapt to the human body curve, more ergonomics, so that the massage effect is better.
2, the automatic detection function setting, can automatically adjust the massage position, so that the massage part is targeted, to achieve the desired effect.
3, the action is delicate, focusing on the "carpet" massage technique similar to the human hand. The back massage mechanism can walk up and down the neck and shoulders, and can complete the "kneading", "slap", "snap-synchronization", "sniper", "shiatsu", "rhythm" and other modes of massage; massage mechanism Speed ​​and width are freely adjustable. It can effectively eliminate muscle pain and promote blood circulation.
4, the seat cushion can be selected by vibration or airbag massage, which can effectively eliminate the fatigue of the buttocks and increase the massage effect.
5, you can choose an MP3 player and configure an audio headset.
Foot bath equipment description:
1: High quality and high gloss FRP artificial stone surface, easy to clean, acid and alkali resistant.
2: High quality tubeless pump injection. Easy to clean.
3: Colorful lights can change colors.
4: Optional automatic drainage function.
5: High quality all kinds of water accessories plus comprehensive and good installation.

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