» Pedicure Massage Chair MMF24

» Pedicure Massage Chair MMF24

Chair features:
 1, PU environmentally friendly leather, color optional.
2, the chair can be electrically adjusted to move back and forth, the back of the chair can be turned up and down.
3. The backrest is equipped with a kneading massage device, which can knead the neck, back and waist.
4. The seat is equipped with a vibrating massager to promote blood circulation in the buttocks and thighs.
5, the armrest can be turned up, in order to sit, the side of the armrest is equipped with a nail plate.
Base features:
1, FRP base, foot pad (height adjustable).
2, the foot basin is installed with or without pipe surf device and seven-color LED flash.
3. It is equipped with dual-use shower, hot and cold water inlet pipe, hot and cold water regulator, drainage pipe and launching device.


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