» SL track robot massage chair MMS01

» SL track robot massage chair MMS01

3D manipulator
SL-type rail
zero space

1.3D manipulator, the front and rear telescopic range of up to eight centimeters, can achieve realistic massage techniques such as shoulder compression and kneading, and improve the sensitivity and comfort of the massage technique.
2. Ultra-long SL-type rail structure design, the manipulator can run from the neck to the buttocks, presenting a full coverage stereo massage experience.
3.-Key shift function, which greatly saves the rear space of the massage chair and realizes the zero space effect of the wall.
4. Compact touch screen hand controller with high sensitivity and simple operation. 5. The airbag twists the waist and the back warms function, enriching the waist massage technique.
6. Double legs, can achieve elastic stretching, foot roller scraping massage and calf, instep airbag squeeze massage, strengthen the leg massage experience.
7. Equipped with Bluetooth music function, music rhythm and body massage synchronization, effectively relieve stress.
Gross weight / net weight 110KG/92KG
Packing size: 145X95X77cm
Rated power: 160W
Rated voltage frequency: 220V~50Hz
Lying size: 179X76X92CM
Vertical size: 151X76X107CM

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